Lakeland ledger classifieds carsThis was one of our 7.5 ton self drive rental trucks around 2001 in Argyll, Scotland . A house move from Campbeltown to France (he didn’t get very far) when a wide HGV came the other way over a blind summit forcing our Iveco 7.5 box van off the road. A serious moment in my career when I sat on that banking, head in my hands, thinking is it ... Top 20 richest in kenyaMcRent Motorhome Hire is located in London with easy access to all major airports and major road networks. McRent motorhome Hire is the largest Motorhome Hire Company in Europe with over 40 locations in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Norway. Motorhome hire holidays are one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe.